Exhaust Hood Cleaning


An estimated average of 7,640 restaurant building fires are reported to fire departments each year in the United States and cause an estimated average of 115 injuries and $246 million in property loss. Almost 60% of fires originate in the kitchen area and  often spread into the exhaust system. Maintaining a grease-free and fire-safe kitchen exhaust system protects your restaurant from fire damage.

It is extremely important to maintain your kitchen exhaust system to ensure a safe environment for cooking. When the exhaust system is working at peak performance, it leads to a cooking environment that’s cleaner, cooler, and more productive for the kitchen staff.

We thoroughly clean your exhaust hood system using our state of the art cleaning equipment. We use only hot water pressure washers in our cleaning process to make sure all grease is removed. Our service techs are trained and certified according to NFPA 96 standards. Below is what is included with our hood cleaning service.

  • Cleaning of hood itself, duct work, fan units, and exhaust flue
  • Polish stainless steel areas
  • Inspect exhaust motor and belt
  • Pre/Post job reports which includes details of the overall condition of the exhaust system
  • Full cleanup of floor and counter of any grease and debris
  • Certification labels are affixed to each hood system with date serviced and the next service date

Keep your property, staff and customers safe, call Premier Hood Cleaning today at 973-772-3943 or request a quote online.